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Established to promote the advancement of young, underserved women in the community, Women Centered 4 Success is a faith-based women's organization serving the Tampa, Florida, area. We are dedicated to building relationships across generations and supporting young adult women by connecting them to community resources essential for them to meet their real life demands. Through our encouragement and assistance, young women will learn skills for personal growth, housing, jobs, child care, and health care. Our services are ideal for women between the ages of 18 and 40 with various lifestyles who seek to make transitions in their lives and want to find meaning for their lives.

Sheila Lewis, Executive  Director, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach

Sheila Lewis

Growing up in a culture rich community, Sheila was raised in a matriarchal household where she learned that being a single mother was ladled with a host of challenges.  This is where Sheila gained her understanding that resourcefulness and community networks were the cultivating tools in raising children.   As a wife for over 40 years, and a mother of two children, Sheila has gained additional insight in the importance of community ties while nurturing her own family. From that point Sheila was inspired to remain linked in the community servicing women, children, and homeless populations for greater than 30 years.

Sheila has visualized the organization Woman Centered 4 Success as an intercessor in connecting and maintaining positive relations with community service providers and surrounding communities.  Led by God and fueled by life, career, and family experiences Sheila is certain that knowledge is a powerful tool used to excel when faced with the demands of life.   Sheila imparts her wisdom through the WC4S axiom, “When she knows, she grows” as her centerpiece to her service.

She is available to provide life coaching by appointment only:



The Goal Girls Club was inspired by the Women Centered 4 Success Chairperson, Ms. Jorgie Franks-Bell’s book, “The Goal Girl” and was adopted as the catalyst to empower the next generation of successful women. The Goal Girls Club is a collaborative environment where woman can grow, refer, present, help, and ask for help! Goal Girls DO ask for help.
It is a safe haven to jump start dreams and successes, knowing that when we are PRETTY, Not petty; COLLABORATIVE, not competitive; CONFIDENT, not comparative, we ALL WIN!

Goal Girls meet the first Saturday of every month to encourage, support, and inspire one another in meeting their goals.

The Goal Girls Club Meet  Up January 2018

The Goal Girls Club Meet  Up February 2018

IT DOESN’T STOP THERE! We are moving on and if you want to become part of this group to be encouraged or be an encourager connect through Facebook Goal Girls Club or Meetup.com Goal Girls Club.